Sunday, November 23, 2008

METTA Physical Therapy and Movement Medicine

By: Richard Burrows


This YouTube video is a promotion for a new age treatment program and website and This program entitled: Meditation, Exercise, Therapy, Transforms, Awareness (METTA) Physical Therapy and Movement medicine is designed to retune, and rewire your neuromuscular pathways. By studying this revolutionary technique, under the direction of Anthony “Tone” Cardenas, you learn to:

• rewire your brain - fine tune your muscles
• balance & integrate r/l brain hemispheres
• activate & re-pattern neuronal pathways
• activate millions of latent brain cells
• enhance cerebral function, mental clarity
• enhance coordination, balance, fine motor
• improve attention, concentration & focus
• awaken creativity & natural geniusness
• achieve high level sensori-motor mastery
• still the inner chatter, attain quiet mind
• relax & attain alpha wave levels quickly
• learn movement meditation
• stress management
• free up & circulate blocked energy

The technique presents the “fun”-damentals of movement medicine, conscious exercises of attention, and revolutionary movement technology through corporeal multitasking and synchronized repatterning of the brain. Corporeal multitasking is a performance of two or more geometrical movement patterns with different limbs of the body. Synchronized repatterening is the rewiring of sensory-motor and neurological pathways. Cardenas utilizes ancient movement techniques that combine tai chi, yoga, sufi dervish dance, and corporeal geometry with a unique rhythm therapy process. This technique is partially learned in a dream state, with hybrid movement technology.


This video has a very average production value that presents a lot of peaceful imagery, and relaxing music. The voiceover is full of empty rhetoric, which utilizes multi-syllabic words in order to convey some type of professionalism.


What a load of crap! I can't tell if this guy is serious or not. This footage immediately makes me think of a burned out hippy that is looking to make an extra dollar on some unfortunate person that is looking for a quick solution. I particularly enjoy all of the scientific referencing and then he concludes with “these techniques will blow your mind”. He claims if you move your limbs in opposite directions while standing on one foot, you will enhance your cerebral function, balance your hemispheres and activate brain cells. The only thing this activity will do is give you lower back pain from standing on one foot for too long and possibly help with coordination. I think chewing gum and walking does the same. He also states this activity will awaken the genius in you. Apparently this didn’t work for him.
Overall, I think this video was more enjoyable to watch from an entertainment perspective. His shares no prove of evidence that these techniques work, other then simply stating it does.

I just found an example of his techniques in practice. This is a must see...

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