Monday, November 14, 2011

Tinnitus Sound Therapy Using Customized Sound / Music (A Web-Based Neuro...

In life, there are very few health problems that one can resolve on-line!
If you want to avoid the flu, then you make an appointment with your
GP and have a flu shot. Need stitches? Can't do that on-line. Have an
infection? Can't receive antibiotics thru your computer's finger pad. It
almost seems silly to contemplate a resolution of any medical condition
via the Internet.

However, through music therapy, some help may be a click away!

"Tinnitus" a condition suffered by millions throughout the world may be
addressed while sitting at home in front of your computer. "Beyondtinnitus"
is a website designed to help those who suffer the "endless ringing in the ears"
or the constant "cacophony of chirping birds."

From, we read the following;

In the last 2 years, new discoveries have been made in tinnitus therapy. Researchers and physicians at University of California Irvine have discovered that certain unique sounds can make the ear ringing sound (tinnitus) to give significant relief for some periods of time. These sounds can be used to reduce tinnitus even when listened to for a short time. The problem that has been found is that finding these sounds was found to require significant time consuming sessions in physician or audiology testing. In addition, when listened to on their own, these sounds may not be very pleasant listening.

Enter the innovation of the physicians and researchers at Our physician researchers have developed a patent-pending technology, our clinical researchers found that customized tinnitus therapy can be delivered to any patient around the world. The technology allows the research-based harmonic masking therapy to be delivered to the patient using innovative sound mixing technologies and the power of the web. The patients can mix the therapy sound with their own music on their own computer. This is downloaded onto an MP3 player for a customized tinnitus therapy. This way you can listen to your own music while getting relief from your tinnitus. This is unlike the Neuromonics approach of using the same 4 musical pieces every single day! This revolutionary technology is available to anybody at less than 1/10th the cost of Neuromonics!


When I was about 6 years of age, I can remember the first time I went outside to enjoy our new backyard. In the distance, about a kilometre away, Highway 401 thundered along. It was almost unbearable! However, to my surprise, and about a week later, my brain removed that dominant sound from my consciousness, and for the rest of my days living in that area, I never really noticed the highway sounds again. In a way, my brain, while hearing a specific sound from my environment, somehow had turned it off. I no longer perceived the sound as real!

"Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of sound." Like the Phantom of the opera, it seems more appropriate to describe it as "a figment of the imagination." For years, tinnitus was thought to be the result of ear damage, specifically located in the cochlea region. Instead, research now suggests that it "affects the areas directly around the damaged zones in the brain. Is it possible to turn off certain frequencies, sounds that appear to be of the imagination? suggests that, through music therapy, it is possible and consultation in the privacy of your own home is a reality. This is the new wave of tinnitus treatment, however, results are only now beginning to prove its effectiveness!


mary wei said...

Technology is always advancing, especially over the internet. This therapy sounds interesting and simple in design, I'm surprised that it didn't come out sooner! This therapy/treatment reminded me of the "phantom limb" we discussed in my psychology class. Amputees who lost their arm or legs felt constant pain where their limbs were supposed to be. Since there was nothing there, all the pain was perceived mentally. This is kind of like Tinnitus: the perception of sound in the absence of sound. To treat the "phantom limb" the therapists held mirrors against the good limb to make a mirror image. That way it "tricks" the brain into "seeing" both limbs in tact. Then they try to send commands to the phantom limb to move and stretch its muscles. After awhile, the brain will finally make the connection that the limb is no longer attached to the body and the pain is not real. It is interesting how the mind can overpower the body in cases like this. However, some feedback from the consumers would prove its effectiveness.

Bryan Heist said...

I have been following your blog for several months. It comes up in my Google Alerts every so often. I have left ear atypical Meniere’s in that I have all the symptoms of Meniere’s except the vertigo. I am presently seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist with just slight improvement in reducing the tinnitus and improving my hearing loss. On the Konftec Lasers, I see both visible and IR lasers. Which seems to work best?
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Chelsy brown said...

Sound therapy is definitely a science which has evolved since thousands of years. And listening to the healing sounds can definitely help a person overcome his illnesses which is specifically designed for that ailment and the troubled frequencies of the sick organ.

jowdjbrown said...

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Helena Josefsson said...

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